House Harkonnen are an American band from Arlington, TX. Their musical style has been described as "Sludge Punk" and "Slop Rock". Since 2009 House Harkonnen have released two full length LP's and one 7 inch. The band are known for their high energy/volume live performances and have played/toured with bands such as Fu Manchu, ASG, Fair to Midland, Torche, Chrome, Mastadon, The Dwarves, Harvey Milk, Valient Thorr, Ramming Speed, Truck Fighters, Crobot, Mothership, Corrosion of Conformity, Saint Vitus, and The Toadies. House Harkonnen was originally formed in 2002 by Alex Johnson (vocals, guitar) and Mike Doty (Guitar) . After releasing several demos the band split up in 2005 before reforming in 2009 with Andy Grayson (Drums) and Dave Shafer (Bass). 2010 saw the release of the bands first full length album, Volume 6. This album solidified the bands musical style and after proving to be a success in Texas the band started touring the states. Volume 7 (a concept album telling a story of nuclear war in Texas) would follow in 2012 along with a 7 inch single in 2013.Their band new E.P "Morphology" was released in March 2015. The band continues to tour and are scheduled to release a new album in winter 2015.

Created in the northern most section of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, Shaolin Death Squad claims residency in Denton, TX. Prior to their official birth in late 2002, the members of SDS played in various music projects throughout the state. With an interest in theatrical arts, Shaolin Death Squad offers a unique live performance which often leaves their audience intrigued and eager for more. Along with their image, a variety of influences aid in the unique, yet oddly familiar sounds of SDS. The music consistently continues to be distinct and creative as well as commercially appealing, as the band seeks to be profitable in the market place while retaining musical/artistic integrity.

As You Become Us
Texas based metal band the Spectacle are releasing their fourth album "Burn the Evidence" in 2015. .Songs tackle such topics as our dependency on consumer products, our obsession with fashion and a selfish style of life that we are all addicted to.

Burn the Evidence


Austin's Invincible Czars have made their mark by creating exceptionally original music: songs and instrumental pieces that are like four-to-five minute "mini-symphonies" chock full of memorable melodies, meticulous arrangements, dynamics, and humor. Their music fuses all kinds of styles including riff rock, classical music, loungey grooves, spacey klezmer, country shuffles, and circusy polka. They draw from influences as disparate as Igor Stravinsky, Van Halen, Louis Armstrong, The Melvins and Ween. The band applies the DIY attitude of post-punk groups like NoMeansNo and Fugazi to their musical explorations.



Though they've been tenured members of the Denton, TX music scene for years now, Trebuchet legitimized themselves as a Denton staple with the recent release of their DIY, double-disc debut album "Bear and the Moon". As Darryl Smyers of Dallas Observer says, "The Denton music scene certainly has its share of indie rock darlings, but not many would expect a prog metal band like Trebuchet to hail from the northern reaches of the Metroplex. Yet hail this quintet does--and best of all, they're actually pretty good...Any band that has the balls to put out a double CD debut in this economy is all right by me (2009).

Said A to B


The music comes at you like toys built by some demented but ultra-skilled toy maker, switching fluently, often dramatically, between genres several times in the span of a single song. They create sonic wonders much like childhood fables: fantastic, thrilling, and a bit scary all at the same time. Metal, hip-hop, jazz: they're all molten alloys used for the creation of toy-bots programmed to rock you into submission so they can massage you into euphoria." Eric Thompson, 88.1 KTXT

Curtains, I tell you.
URIZEN’s musical style employs the use of heavy, distorted guitars; frantic, speedy drums; and clean, rock-style vocals.  Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of URIZEN’s sound is the dominant presence of synth and keyboards, specifically the use of orchestral strings and 8-bit Nintendo-style electronic sounds.  URIZEN is well known for their entertaining and highly involved stage shows, featuring the band dressed in full red-and-white armor-style space suits.  Other features of their stage show include the appearance of a giant, 8-foot-tall URIZEN Robot; a 12-foot inflatable cycloptic goo monster; a custom-created silicone conjoined twin creature; and much more!

Universe: Red


The memory of their former selves eroded around 2006, in a small Ft. Worth housing development where neighbors Ricky Wolking (bass) and Danny Handler (drums) started hammering out grooves that tested their ability, times infinity. Danny's friend and fellow UNT grad Ed McMahon (guitar) joined the duo soon there after, adding yet another musical mind to the monster. Ricky called on Sean Dailey (vocals) to jump in and find melody amid the complex structures. It was gratifyingly obnoxious as the ongoing experiment eclipsed all previous musical notions. There would be nothing standard about it. How do you feel about leaving this earth at this very moment? Will you have lived a better life? Taking an oath and leaving blood on the floor, electrified.

"the better death


Austin's Opposite Day are blending art-rock, pop, experimental, math, jazz, and punk sounds with an absurdist academic childish lyrical fetish. Opposite Day has ratcheted up the aggressive pop tension and loosened the stylistic standards for Austin’s music scene for the last 8 years.



Historic Stork is electro pop with a rock edge. The latest album "Fatal Error" is full of energy and is one disc you will find hard to stop listen to.

Fatal Error


These are more than just songs, they are played in time with the rhythm of life, love, failure, frustration, joy, beauty, redemption and grace. We have come together to attempt a glimpse into honest and heartfelt music built around a group of brothers who share a common desire to create something more than just music. Our hope is to encourage you to reach deeper than you thought possible, to breathe in life and expression.



Mescalero hails from the infamous (that's more than famous) Denton, TX. Including members from such bands as Clutch Cargo, 420 Blues, The Killhawks, Dixie Witch, the Von Ehrics, Mugzu and the equally infamous Dur Wulf Trape, this hard rocking quartet operates like a well-oiled machine delivering powerful bursts of bludgeoning Sabbath-y riffs that have been marinated with a significant amount of Southern charm (Penfold, Ripple Music). Mescalero is Greg Altuna (guit-fiddle, vox), Clayton Mills (guit-fiddle), Jeremy Shelby (drums) and Peter Farmer (bass).



Sneaking past dogs is a Swedish Experimental Rock band that has just released their self-titled debut album on Do For It Records. With catchy hooks and stylistic vocal changes this band makes music fun to listen to again.  

Sneaking Past Dogs


I am Warbird in a two-piece noise/experimental rock band from Altoga, TX. They have the ability to create a rich and well round sound with only two people in the band. We are looking forward to their debut album on Do For It Records “ Milky eye”.  

Milky Eye


Convoy and the Cattlemen is a shower of Country Gold. A six piece from Arlington Texas, they have opened for the likes of Junior Brown, Eleven Hundred Springs and The Whiskey Folk Ramblers. Their Debut release on Do For it Records will be available this spring. With a highly energetic live performance their Country Western style is the best that Texas has to offer. YEE-HAW!!!

Convoy Cabriolet
"Redefine are a breath of fresh air for the Dallas music scene. They have developed a heavy, melodic, creative, and innovative style of alternative rock that meshes all of the influences of each talented band member. Fret not, Redefine are working on a new album that will be released on Do Fo It Records this year."
itunes review

Blur on the Horizon
"This is a progressive band that still knows what a groove is, and that can move from dirty and alternative to polished and harmonious without you ever noticing the gear change.The prog rock outfit delights with its eclectic sound and vital stage presence.The Raven Charter executes in an interesting yet charismatic way. Every song has a different niche and a different vibe.The Raven Charter actively tries to expose the audience to a sound that they wouldn't normally experience. The combination of Daniel Baskind's liquid shredding, Garrett Bond's versatile vocal range, and the very tightness of the rhythm section give The Raven Charter the ability to mold any type of sound out of their songs" by Steve Watkins

The Kidnapping
A diverse and dynamic rock band featuring the members of Loaded Moses, Microton, Leroy the Prophet and Fair to Midland. IMOM is the new essential Rock band.

In Memory of Man
Old Warhorse don't give no damn. Old Warhorse play the blues, the rock, the soul. Old Warhorse know how to party. 

Don't Give a Damn
ISD is a metal band that started in 1999 from Denton Texas. With front man Craig Welsh (Brutal Juice) ISD made a big name for themselves in the Dallas/Forth Worth area. We have re-mastering their first E.P and hope to have a full length out by the end of 2014.  

International Sparkdome (Remastered)
Duell is solid rock and roll from Fort Worth, Texas. This is a project started in 2011 as just a collection of demos and recently formed as a live band in 2013. We are very proud to releasing their debut album this summer.

Back to Drunk
Mountain of Smoke is a hard hitting two piece band that started in 2013. Their debut album is punchy and heavy. We are excited to have them be part of the Do for it team.

Mountain of Smoke


Vinyl is an upcoming rock and roll band that writes songs that you will instantly love. In this age of sloppy writing and unfulfilling dynamic songwriting Vinyl fills that void. Vinyl is the real deal; powerful vocals, a rhythm section that is heavy and solid with guitar work that is intricate and sonically beautiful.

Hoof is a rock and roll band that is made up of former members of Knee Pad. This is their debut self tittled album. If iis filled with heavy low-fi rock songs.